Additive manufacturing machines

MasterPrint is Ingersoll industry-leading solution for additive manufacturing of complex geometry, durable, wide and high, thermoplastic parts

Designed, built and tested at the company’s Development Center in Rockford, Illinois, MasterPrint is currently the world’s largest 3D-printer and offers fast, reliable, cost-effective performance, integrating a 5-axis mill head for finishing operations. MasterPrint has the ability to 3D print and mill parts both with chopped fiber and continuous filament materials. It can also overprint existing workpieces. MasterPrint Continuous Filament is available in gantry and robotic configurations, both with Siemens 840D CNC. 

MasterPrint cuts cost, and streamlines the manufacturing process. Large parts are printed and then machined to final their shape with the same machine. Manufacturing costs can be reduced by 75% and lead times shortened from months to days. MasterPrint is available also as hybrid with multiple modules operated under the same gantry.


Wide and high additive manufacturing for thermoplastic parts.

MasterPrint Robotic

New family of Additive Manufacturing robotic equipment that provides your company with the ability to seamlessly program, simulate, 3D print and mill large composite parts in a single piece.