MasterPrint Continuous Filament™

MasterPrint Continuous Filament™ is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ 3D printer for continuous fiber reinforced polymers that provides your company with the ability to program, simulate, 3D-print new parts or overprint on existing pieces.

MasterPrint Continuous Filament

MasterPrint Continuous Filament™ has been designed, built and tested at the Ingersoll U.S. headquarters in Rockford, Illinois, in partnership with the University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) and TIGHITCO (Charleston, SC).


  • 6 axes industrial robot
  • Rotary table as 7th axis
  • Carbon fiber filament extruder
  • Auxiliary general-purpose extruder
  • Touch-free material tensioning system
  • Siemens 840D
  • Programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostic performed through Ingersoll proprietary software


  • Aerospace
  • Naval
  • Automotive