Wide and high additive manufacturing for thermoplastic parts.

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Masterprint is Ingersoll Machine Tools new family of Additive Manufacturing equipment that provides your company with the ability to seamlessly program, simulate, 3D print and mill extra-large composite parts in a single piece.

MasterPrint is aimed both at the fast prototyping and durable molds needs of the aerospace and naval sectors, but can serve a wider market, wherever printing cost effectively, quickly, reliably wide-and-high parts is a requirement. Ingersoll

MasterPrint process has disrupted and transformed the traditional way to procure and manufacture extra-large tools by:

  • shortening the lead time from months to weeks
  • reducing manufacturing cost by 90% (no cutting, welding, stress relieving, minimal milling and assembly)
  • fast-prototyping provisional tools for short programs and pre-production runs
  • overprinting, re-milling, improving, re-using existing 3D-printed tools
  • choosing and 3D-printing the polymers most suitable for your application.

MasterPrint comes with Siemens 840D SL CNC, the standard control for the manufacturing industry, well known, easy to operate and to maintain. Programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostics are performed through Ingersoll proprietary SW.

MasterPrint is available also as hybrid with multiple modules operated under the same gantry: 3D-printing, milling, fiber placement, tape laying, inspection, trimming.


Technical data

Working volume starts at  X 6 m – Y 4 m – Z 2 m
Extruder Nominal throughputs go from 150 Lbs/h to 1000 Lbs/h fed by equal size dryer equipment
5 axis milling head outputs 25kW pf power and has 18.000 rpm max spin - HSK 63A