Mongoose Hybrid™

Mongoose Hybrid™ is the latest evolution of Ingersoll Machine Tools iconic AFPM first released in 2009.

Mongoose Hybrid

Mongoose Hybrid™ is a multipurpose center for composites manufacturing that complements the original Mongoose™ fiber placement unique capabilities with a complete array of additional modules that let you also tape lay, trim, inspect, 3D-print and mill. 

These multiple configurations are automatically exchanged and operated to increase the quality and the productivity of your lay-up process.

Mongoose Hybrid™ can fiber-place, tape-lay and inspect a wide variety of carbon fibers materials from the most common to the most challenging including epoxies, BMI, thermoplastics, carbon fiber, glass fiber, and more.

Mongoose Hybrid™‘s size and configuration can be easily tailored and optimized to fit your process and meet your end-user needs.


  • 4 to 32 tow varieties (1/8”, 1/4”, or 1/2” wide)
  • Multiple modules automatically exchanged: fiber place tape laying trimming automated inspection
  • Siemens 840D
  • Programming, simulation, optimization, and diagnostics performed through Ingersoll proprietary software.


  • Aerospace
  • Naval
Mongoose of Ingersoll Machine Tools produces Firefly Composite Rockets
Mongoose of Ingersoll Machine Tools produces Firefly Composite Rockets
Alpha rocket airframes to be produced every fourteen days using large-scale composite parts manufacturing equipment from Ingersoll Machine Tools.