Mongoose™ is Ingersoll iconic Fiber Placement Machine first released in 2009.

Mongoose fiber placement

Mongoose™ is aimed at the wide-and-high, complex geometry, composite part manufacturing needs. With its unique bundle of extra-large working volume and extremely compact deposition heads, Mongoose™ has become the equipment of choice to lay up confined, female molds and complex, male geometries.

Mongoose™ can place a wide variety of fiber reinforced materials, from the most common to the most challenging including epoxies, BMI, thermoplastics, carbon fiber, glass fiber, and more.

Mongoose™‘s size and configuration can be easily tailored and optimized to fit your process and meet your end-user needs.


  • 4 to 32 tow varieties (1/8”, 1/4”, or 1/2” wide)
  • Multiple modules automatically exchanged
  • Siemens 840D
  • Programming, simulation, optimization, and diagnostics performed through Ingersoll proprietary software.


  • Aerospace
  • Naval
Machining large components
Machining large components
True magnitude comes from within
Mongoose of Ingersoll Machine Tools produces Firefly Composite Rockets
Mongoose of Ingersoll Machine Tools produces Firefly Composite Rockets
Alpha rocket airframes to be produced every fourteen days using large-scale composite parts manufacturing equipment from Ingersoll Machine Tools.