Composite Manufacturing

The Division offers the Ingersoll range of composite manufacturing machines for the manufacturing of complex and ultra-high performance composite parts, such as aircraft wings

Mongoose™ is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ iconic Fiber Placement Machine first introduced in 2009. Since then Mongoose™ has become the aerospace industry preferred solution for the carbon fiber layup of tight concave parts and complex geometry convex tools. Its recent evolution, Mongoose Hybrid, features AFP (Automated Fiber Placement), ATL (Automated Tape Layer), trimming and inspection on the same machine platform to cover any need of composite manufacturing.

The Mongoose series includes a variety of configurations, including gantry and robotic, each suited to different part geometries and that can be used with a wide variety of resins and fibers. As such Mongoose’s flexibility can provide a solution to almost any application requirement.


Mongoose™ is Ingersoll iconic Fiber Placement Machine first released in 2009.

Mongoose Hybrid™

Mongoose Hybrid™ is the latest evolution of Ingersoll Machine Tools iconic AFPM first released in 2009.

Robotic FP™

Robotic FP™ is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ robotic solution for mid-size, complex geometry, composite layup.


Hawk™ is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ new Fiber Placement Module engineered for high productivity and high reliability layups of large aerostructure parts: wings, fuselages, fairings…


ACSIS™ (Automated Composite Structure Inspection System) is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ best-in-class solution for the automated inspection, repair, and quality monitoring of the composite manufacturing process.