Production management

IBNet is a Camozzi solution for end-to-end production management, providing centralized control for all aspects of production, from materials supply, to machine availability and quality monitoring.

Production management

According to the Industry 4.0 paradigms there are no machine tools, no warehouses, no systems that provide specific separated functions. Rather, there are Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) able to interact in an intelligent way among themselves to exchange informations, to monitor each other and to coordinate themselves autonomously. It is precisely in this view that we develop dedicated IIoT (Internet of Things) softwares and solutions, through a partnership with Camozzi Digital and Microsoft.

Manufacturing 4.0

Innse-Berardi machines are capable of collecting process data by means of suitable sensing and telemetry on the main electromechanical parts and actuators (temperature, vibration, speed, acceleration, cycle time etc.), and of communicating with the other components of the “factory system” through integrated IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Thus it is possible to monitor and analyze the main KPI (Key Performance Indicators) process, as well as energy consumption, machine status and the efficiency of each individual element, detecting abnormal patterns or the appearance of statistical and recursive phenomena.

All these applications can be used in the cloud by using the Azure IoT platform that, in addition to security and consistency, guarantees a set of standard services for the integration in the management circles of the company.