Mongoose fiber placement

Mongoose is Ingersoll iconic Fiber Placement Machine first released in 2009.

Mongoose fiber placement

Mongoose is aimed at the wide-and-high, complex geometry, composite parts manufacturing needs of the aerospace and naval sectors, but can serve a wider market, wherever manufacturing cost-effectively, quickly, reliably complex composites is a requirement.

With its unique bundle of extra-large working volume and extremely compact deposition heads, Mongoose has become the equipment of choice to lay up tight female parts or complex geometry male tools. Mongoose is offered in a variety of configurations, from 4 to 32 tows, 1/8”, ¼” or ½” wide, and these multiple configurations (Fiber Placement Modules) can be also combined, operated and automatically exchanged to increase the quality and the productivity of your lay-up process.

Mongoose can place a wide variety of carbon fibers materials (thermoset, thermoplastic, dry fibers, BMI…) from the most common to the most challenging.

Mongoose comes with Siemens 840D SL CNC, the standard control for the manufacturing industry, well known, easy to operate and maintain. Programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostics
are performed through Ingersoll proprietary SW.

Mongoose size and configuration can be easily tailored and optimized for your process and your end user needs.