Mongoose Hybrid

Mongoose Hybrid is the latest evolution of Ingersoll Machine Tools iconic AFPM first released in 2008.

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Mongoose Hybrid

Mongoose Hybrid is a multipurpose center for composites manufacturing. Mongoose Hybrid complements the original Mongoose fiber placement unique capabilities with a complete array of additional modules that lets you also tape lay, trim, inspect and now 3D-print and mill.

Mongoose Hybrid can fiber-place, tape-lay, 3D-print, inspect a wide variety of carbon fibers materials (thermoset, thermoplastic, dry fibers, BMI…) from the most common to the most challenging.

Mongoose Hybrid comes with Siemens 840D SL CNC, the standard control for the manufacturing industry, well known, easy to operate and maintain. Programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostics are performed through Ingersoll proprietary SW.

Mongoose Hybrid size and configuration can be easily tailored and optimized for you process and your end user needs.