Aries Hydro

Medium and large size horizontal milling and boring machines, with movable column and preloaded hydrostatic bearing, suitable for machining large size components

Aries Hydro

Their design ensures maximum machining accuracy and high productivity, with great stability during operation. The Aries Hydro machines are designed, sized and created using the FEM analysis.

A complete range of advanced milling attachments heads provides the optimum solution for each user’s application requirements.


Y-axis vertical travelmm 2.500 up to 12.000
Z-axis horizontal travel (RAM)mm 1.250 up to 2.000
W-axis travel (boring bar)mm 1.000 up to 1.800
RAM sizemm 420 x 460 - 720 x 890
Boring spindle diametermm 150 up to 320
Max. spindle motor powerkW 51 up to 150
Torque on milling/boring spindleNm 3.750 up to 32.000

Attachment heads

The Aries Series milling and boring machines are equipped with automatic head attachment changing capabilities for the installation and use of different heads. The machines also have automatic clamping and tool clamping capabilities.

In addition to the production of standard accessories, Innse-Berardi is able to develop special accessories to meet any production requirement.

  • Mod. TUM Universal head with two continuous working axes
  • Mod. TUAR Head with two continuous positioning axes
  • Mod. TWI universal two indexed axes head
  • Mod. SLIM Narrow right angle head
  • Mod. TSAR Right angle head
  • Mod. UT Facing head
  • Mod. FXX Extension head
  • Mod. Moltiplicatore Speed multiplier
Business continuity of Camozzi Group Companies during Covid-19 outbreak

We inform that the production lines of Camozzi Group Companies – Camozzi Automation S.p.A., Innse Berardi S.p.A., Marzoli Machines Textile S.r.l. e Camozzi Technopolymers S.r.l - are running and all the services and assistance are guaranteed to our customers worldwide in compliance with the safety measures introduced by the Italian Government for the Covid_19 emergency.

Camozzi Group has implemented all special prevention and control measures in compliance with the principles and the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the Italian Ministry of Health in coordination with the Italian Ministries.

Continuità operativa delle aziende del Gruppo Camozzi durante la contingenza Covid-19

Informiamo che, nel rispetto delle misure assunte dal Governo Italiano per fronteggiare l’emergenza Covid_19, la produzione delle aziende appartenenti al Gruppo Camozzi -Camozzi Automation S.p.A., Innse Berardi S.p.A., Marzoli Machines Textile S.r.l. e Camozzi Technopolymers S.r.l - sta funzionando regolarmente e servizi ed assistenza sono garantiti ai nostri clienti a livello internazionale.

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