Functions and benefits

Multiple optical scales and sets of high torque, high power, coupled gear motors for each one of its X, Y, Z, C, A axes that confer PowerMax™ a first natural frequency of 25Hz+
  • Superior dynamic positioning accuracy in the entire large working envelope at all speeds and accelerations for constant chip removal rate throughout the entire  milling volume (quality, capacity, productivity)
  • Outstanding milling ac/dec and speed for Al (productivity)
  • Chatter-free, high-rate titanium removal with reduced cutting tool wear (productivity, quality, low OPEX, low TCO) ·
  • Reduced inspection time and rework (low OPEX, low TCO)
Ram-less, large, thermicallysymmetric X Y Z - C structure guided and constrained to minimize static deflections in all of its travel configuration
  • Superior static positioning accuracy throughout the entire large working volume (quality and capacity)
Sinumerik One, Fanuc, Heidenhain controls: most powerful reliable and widespread, industrial CNCs
  • Minimal user training, widespread responsive OEM assistance, industry standard (low OPEX, low TCO)
IBRM: Equipment Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Digital Twins, Remote Diagnostic, Preventative Maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance cost, minimized downtime, continuous process improvement, digital parts certification (low OPEX, low TCO)