PowerMax™ S for Aluminum

Two polar axes heads with electro spindles with torque up to 100 Nm and power up to 125 KW.

The stiffness of the PowerMax allows it to keep a constant feed rate when machining in 3, 4, 5, or 6 axis, holding the dynamic tolerance while milling on 3D surfaces.

Dynamic tolerance is the maximum allowed difference between the given tool path and the followed path by the machine (accuracy on machined part).

Good dynamic is needed to be fast and accurate. Good dynamic can be obtained only out from a specific structure and performing kinematics.


General data



Feed Rate



4.0 – 6.0 m

60.0 m/min

4.0 m/sec²


2.0 – 3.0 m

Z (Pallet)

3.0 m

40.0 m/min


720° (+/- 360°)

60 RPM

5.0 RPM/sec²


190° (+/- 95°)

60 RPM

1. Electro spindle twist-head

  • Electro spindle with torque up to 100 Nm, up to 30000 RPM and power up to 125 KW 
  • C axis machining torque: 2500 Nm
  • A axis machining torque: 2500 Nm
  • C axis clamping torque: 6000 Nm
  • A axis clamping torque:6000 Nm
  • HSK 63, HSK 80 or HSK 100

Auxiliary equipment 

All machine models can be supplied with the simple holding horizontal table or can also be equipped with:

Robotic tool changer
Tip-Up Station
Operator panel
Pallet Shuttle