PowerMill Profiler for Aluminum and Titanium

Ingersoll PowerMill Profilers are in widespread use around the world, in applications spanning the complete manufacturing spectrum.

PowerMill Profiler for Aluminum and Titanium

From high power/high torque machines for Titanium and other hard metals, to the very agile high speed/high power machines required for monolithic Aluminum aircraft components, to parts made from the latest composite materials.

Ingersoll PowerMill Profilers deliver long-sought increases in throughput and accuracy, shortened lead times, and built-in flexibility for future work. The use of a modular design and standard components make these machines both extremely economical and versatile.

Ingersoll can configure a ‘custom’ machine solution to meet any specific customer application and production requirement.

Technical specifications

X – Axis travel4,000 mm to 10,000 mm
Y – Axis travel1,800 mm to 4,500 mm
Z – Axis travel1,000 mm to 1,500 mm
Linear Axes Feed rates up to50,000 mm/min
Rotary AxisA and C continuous
Max Spindle Power/TorqueAluminum Up to 80 Kw/ 65 Nm