Horizontal Machines

The horizontal machining solutions consist of the Aries Hydro and Aries Vision series (Innse-Berardi), PowerMill (Ingersoll Machine Tools) and PowerMax (Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll Machine Tools).

These horizontal machining centers are in widespread use around the world, from high-power, high-torque machines for titanium and other hard metals to agile, high-speed machines for machining aircraft components and parts made from the latest composite materials.

Both technologies (horizontal and vertical machines) can be utilized for high speed and heavy-duty applications and feature roller guideways (PowerMill, SuperProfiler, MasterMill and MasterSpeed from Ingersoll and Aries and Atlas Vision from Innse-Berardi) or can be used for heavy applications requiring hydrostatic technology (Aries and Atlas Hydro, Innse-Berardi).

Aries Vision

High speed, top performance boring and milling center with linear guideways and roller pads, suitable for 3 and full 5 axes machining.

Aries Hydro

Medium and large size horizontal milling and boring machines, with movable column and preloaded hydrostatic bearing, suitable for machining large size components


PowerMax is a large working-volume, 5 axes (6 in case the rotary table is selected), horizontal, subtractive manufacturing center for Aluminum and Titanium parts.


Ingersoll PowerMill Profilers are in widespread use around the world, in applications spanning the complete manufacturing spectrum.