Manufacturing and Engineering Services

Extra-large equipment, advanced processes, certified execution-systems for turn-key contract manufacturing

Unique Machining Capabilities for Large Parts Contract Manufacturing

Both companies, INGERSOLL and INNSE-BERARDI are making available some of the most advanced milling machines to their markets. Through their Manufacturing and Engineering Services Centers in Rockford and Brescia/Milano they are serving the energy, aerospace, defense, transportation, heavy engineering and nuclear sectors, with some of the largest and most powerful milling machines in North America and Europe for long term contract manufacturing of large aluminum, titanium and hard metal parts.

Customers come to INGERSOLL and INNSE-BERARDI M.E.S for:

  • Equipment – Comprehensive machining capabilities including largest milling machines in North America
  • Experience - long-standing contractor for aerospace, defense, nuclear, energy
  • Competence - dedicated team of manufacturing engineers and machinists
  • Reliability - execution-systems for tracking quality and assuring first-time on-time delivery 
  • Credentials - ISO and ITAR Certifications

Energy and Nuclear

  • windmill hubs
  • gas and steam turbines
  • generator stators and rotors
  • nuclear pressure vessels

Transportation and Heavy Industrial

  • engine blocks
  • large structures components
  • casting

Aerospace and Defense

  • components for space vessels and rockets
  • parts for submarines and battleships
  • molds and layup tools



  1. Milling 5 and 6 axes, multi-spindle, gantry machines with working volumes up to:
    32M (105 ft.) long
    8M (26.2 ft.) wide
    6M (19.7 ft.) tall
  2. Stress Relieve
    Part sizes up to 14.5M x 3.5M x 3.5M
    (47.6ft. x 11.4ft. x 11.4ft.)
  3. Sand Blast
    Part sizes up to 3.6M x 3.6M x 13.5M
    (11.7ft. x 11.7ft. x 44.3ft.)
  4. Prime and Paint
    Part sizes up to 14M x 3.5M x 3.5M
    (45.9ft. x 11.4ft. x 11.4ft.)

Manufacturing Execution Systems

1. Manufacturing Resource Planning

  • SAP
  • Dedicated project managers

2. Digital Twin, CAD, CAM

  • CATIA V5-6
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

3. Quality Management System

  • Data management
  • Processes – including purchasing
  • Document control
  • Certifications: ISO, ITAR
  • CMMs Room
  • Laser Trackers Bay