FCT - Machining center for turbine rotors

The Innse-Berardi rotor slotting machines model FCT are dedicated to “Fir tree slots” machining of turbine rotors shaft.

FCT - Machining center for turbine rotors

The hydrostatic guideways on all axes provide superior damping characteristics during all cutting conditions, from heavy duty milling of blade feet, starting from solid disks to the use of solid carbide milling cutters.

The power-torque-speed characteristics of the main drive shaft permits to employ both high speed rotation and large diameter bell cutters (or disk type) that required high torque.

The traditional configuration is designed with two opposite units working together. This solution reduces the machining time of the turbine rotor drastically and leads to a quick return on investment.


Max. spindle powerkW up to 55
Max. spindle torqueNm up to 7.500
Spindle rotation speedrpm up to 4.000
Max. Workpiece weighttons up to 350
Max. workpiece lengthmm up to 18.000