FMM - Horizontal multi spindle drilling machine

Innse-Berardi FMM multi spindle drilling machines are used to perform deep holes in the tube sheets for heat exchangers in Nuclear and Chemical plants.

FMM - Horizontal multi spindle drilling machine

The FMM machines can be equipped with 2-3 or 5 spindle units either with common or independent feed and adjustable pitch. BTA only, GUNDRILL only or both systems can be provided.

On the machines with high vertical stroke the X-axis is equipped with hydrostatic guideways for maximum rigidity and highest accuracy.


Max drilling diammm up to 50.8 (opt. 65)
Vertical axis stroke (Y axis)mm 2.500 up to 8.000
Drilling stroke (Z axis)mm 1.100 up to 1.700
Thrust of each spindleN 25.000
Power of each spindlekW 28 up to 37