Scalper Series

Scalper Series A and Series T feature Ingersoll’s broad experience in Aluminum and Titanium Ingot machining.

Scalper Series

Ingersoll has delivered more than 50 scalpers all over the world. Ingersoll Scalper provide the most advanced technology available for high productivity:

  • up to 932 kW (1250 HP) main spindle with dynamic braking for Ingots up to 9.000 mm (354”) long
  • chip collection
  • crusher, fan, cyclone and duct system
  • Siemens Type S7-300 Series PLC and Siemens 840D CNC
  • pendulum working tables, semi-automatic Ingot handling system

Scalper Series A

Main Spindle Power932 Kw
Ingot Lengthup to 8.000 mm
Ingot Widthup to 2.400 mm
Ingot Weightup to 35 Metric Tons each
Ingot Thickness400 mm to 800 mm (Unscalped)
Main Spindle Cutter Diameterup to 2.591 mm
Main Spindle Max. Depth of Cut40 mm
Additional Spindles (Optional)(2) Edge Scalping Spindles 110 Kw Each - (1) Horizontal Scalping Spindle 110 Kw
Adaptive Feedrateup to 10.000 mm/Min. Based on Spindle Load


Scalper Series T

Spindle170 Kw - 13.600 Nm
Main cutting disc (dual stage)up to 400 mm diameter
Ingot Lengthfrom 1.000 to 5.000 mm
Ingot Thickness (Unscalped)from 200 to 600 mm
Max. Depth of cut10 mm single pass
Ingot Weight (Unscalped)20 Metric Tons
Max. Powerfrom 105 RPM
Max. Torqueto 105 RPM
Ingot Width2.000 mm Max