Special machines

The Camozzi Machine Tools Division can provide tailor-made solutions for every demand.

The Camozzi Machine Tools Division offer custom solutions including:

  • Horizontal multi-spindle drilling machines,
    used to produce deep holes in the tube sheets of heat exchangers in nuclear and chemical plants

  • Machining centres for generator rotors and for turbine rotors

  • Scalpers for medium to high production of aluminum and titanium ingots

FCR - Machining center for generator rotors

The Innse-Berardi model FCR is a Machining Center for generator rotors.

FMM - Horizontal multi spindle drilling machine

Innse-Berardi FMM multi spindle drilling machines are used to perform deep holes in the tube sheets for heat exchangers in Nuclear and Chemical plants.

FCT - Machining center for turbine rotors

The Innse-Berardi rotor slotting machines model FCT are dedicated to “Fir tree slots” machining of turbine rotors shaft.

Scalper Series

Scalper Series A and Series T feature Ingersoll’s broad experience in Aluminum and Titanium Ingot machining.

Spin lathe for metal forming

Spin Lathe for metal forming is a unique and specific machine for the forming of heavy gauge Aluminum sheets for the manufacturing of aircraft components.

Rotary table

Milling and/or turning rotary tables with or without cross movement