Special machines

Custom solutions for every demand

The Division is set up to help customers increase and optimize their production processes. Its highly experienced manufacturing and machine tool engineers work closely with experts from client companies to analyze their current and future requirements and expectations. They then define a set of objectives and build custom machines that meet the specific needs of the company.

This can involve traditional techniques, state-of-the-art technologies and emerging new solutions, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data, cloud computing and machine-to-human (M2H) communications.

Examples of Camozzi Machine tools tailor-made solutions

  • Horizontal multi-spindle drilling machines, used to produce deep holes in the tube sheets of heat exchangers in nuclear and chemical plants
  • Machining centres for generator rotors and for turbine rotors
  • Scalpers for medium to high production of aluminum and titanium ingots
FCR - Machining center for generator rotors

The Innse-Berardi model FCR is a Machining Center for generator rotors.

FMM - Horizontal multi spindle drilling machine

Innse-Berardi FMM multi spindle drilling machines are used to perform deep holes in the tube sheets for heat exchangers in Nuclear and Chemical plants.

FCT - Machining center for turbine rotors

The Innse-Berardi rotor slotting machines model FCT are dedicated to “Fir tree slots” machining of turbine rotors shaft.

Scalper Series

Scalper Series A and Series T feature Ingersoll’s broad experience in Aluminum and Titanium Ingot machining.

Spin lathe for metal forming

Spin Lathe for metal forming is a unique and specific machine for the forming of heavy gauge Aluminum sheets for the manufacturing of aircraft components.

Rotary table

Milling and/or turning rotary tables with or without cross movement