MasterSpeed Gantry

5-axes-strong, high-speed and high-acceleration, accurate and repeatable to the micrometer. Governed by Siemens 840D CNC.

MasterSpeed Gantry

With its large capacity working volume, its exorbitant torque and power spindle, its quick tool exchange, the 2019 Ingersoll MasterSpeed is the ultimate milling solution for a wide range of metals, from Aluminum to hard alloys!

A variety of attachments with 2-axis indexing, 2-axis contouring, straight, right angle and special designs are available to meet the widest range of customers’ requirements.

Comprehensive range of machine tool application support includes tooling, work methods, machine start-up, part processing and programming, fixturing, scheduling and training.


X - Axis travel6,000 mm to 36,000 mm
Y - Axis travel4,000 mm to 10,000 mm
Z - Axis travel1,500 mm to 2,500 mm
Max Spindle Power/Torque130 Kw/2.946 Nm
Attachment Heads8  Models