Vertical machines

The vertical machining solutions produced by both partner companies in the Division, comprise the Atlas Hydro and Atlas Vision series from Innse-Berardi, and Ingersoll’s MasterMill and MasterSpeed series

These families of gantry-and table-style vertical milling machines minimize operational costs and maximize performance. Building on Ingersoll’s and Innse-Berardi’s long-term global success in this field, the division’s latest vertical machines combine the most recent technological, ergonomic and safety features.

Atlas Vision

Family of high speed vertical milling centres, with linear rolling guideways. Innse-Berardi’s innovative flexible design concept is the basis of these machines.

Atlas Hydro

Range of heavy duty medium and large size vertical milling centers with hydrostatic guideways, suitable for machining large components.

MasterMill gantry

Ingersoll MasterMill builds on the worldwide successes of several generations of Ingersoll gantry-type equipment.

MasterSpeed Gantry

5-axes-strong, high-speed and high-acceleration, accurate and repeatable to the micrometer. Governed by Siemens 840D CNC.