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Your global partners for heavy machining & advanced manufacturing solutions



Your global partners for heavy machining & advanced manufacturing solutions



The Camozzi Machine Tools Division brings together two of the most advanced companies – Innse-Berardi and Ingersoll Machine Tools – to create a partnership that can offer leading-edge technologies for machine tools and the very best support around the world.    

The two partners complement each other perfectly. Ingersoll Machine Tools will remain a centre of competence for additive manufacturing and aerospace, while Innse-Berardi will maintain its expertise in the general mechanical engineering, defence, energy and rail sectors – and both will continue to manufacture heavy machining products.

The partners will continue to be reference points for their respective customers, bolstered by support from each other. Customers will benefit from this partnership through a greater product range, improved services and accelerated innovation, plus wider technical and manufacturing expertise.

The division is an unrivalled supplier of innovative engineering process technologies for complex manufacturing applications. Its reputation is further enhanced by the partners’ long and successful records of excellence in all the industry sectors they serve.    


«The synergy of their combined operations will lead to advances in critical fields such as industrial digitalization, additive manufacturing, fiber placement, tape laying and boring/milling. As a global organization, the Camozzi Machine Tools Division provides the security to ensure that manufacturing and production technologies continue to advance to meet the new and evermore complex needs of our customers.».

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Your global partners for heavy machining & advanced manufacturing solutions