Through its founding partners, Camozzi Machine Tools Division has a rich and diverse history at the cutting edge of technology and the advancement of human achievement.

Ingersoll machines are used to produce large and critical parts for the next generation crew vessels that will take astronauts into orbit and beyond.

Together with the National Science Foundation and AURA, it has built the mount and main rotator drive and other components for the world’s largest solar telescopethe Daniel KInouye Solar Telescope – on Hawaii, which is capable of ultra-high resolution observations of the sun.

Moreover Ingersoll Machine Tools together with MT Mechatronics will design and manufacture the 1,300- ton precision mechanism, known as the “telescope structure” that holds the GMT’s optics which will smoothly track celestial targets as they move across the sky.

On a more earthly level, an Ingersoll machine installed at an aircraft manufacturer holds the record for the world’s fastest titanium removal rate, while Innse-Berardi supplied a double Atlas Vision portal to produce components for a new energy production system for nuclear fusion - the ITER project.

Ingersoll Machine Tools and Innse Berardi have contributed in the production of a robotic system, one of its kind in the world, to contribute to the safety of the new bridge in Genoa (Italy).The robotic system is based on the installation of the 4 robots on the sides of the bridge: 2 Robot-Inspection will be in charge of inspecting the lower surface of the deck and processing the data in order to find any anomalies and  2 Robot-Wash will be cleaning the wind barriers and solar panels. The 4 robots are made of carbon fiber structures, actuators and electronic components. In particular, the single-piece beams that will enable deck inspection have been made by transposing technologies that are typical of the aerospace and aeronautical industries and were built using 3D molds created by the technology of the largest 3D printer in the world made by the Ingersoll: the Masterprint® 3X machine.

Ingersoll during 2020 has joined a project in automated composite manufacturing and robotics across the aerospace industry into the world of space rocketry and exploration with Firefly Aerospace, Inc. Ingersoll has played an important role in enabling breakthrough airframe production for major aircraft designs around the world, including the 787 and A350. This is an innovative approach to the efficient and cost-effective production and further development of its Alpha, Beta, and future spacecraft. 

Experienced in-house engineers and developers keep the Division at the forefront of machine tool technology. For instance, they are creating IIoT and Industry 4.0 interfaces that are redefining the capabilities and expectations of manufacturing and production machinery.

And they are pushing the communications and control envelope even further by pioneering artificial intelligence solutions for advancing machine tool performance.