Innse-Berardi is a specialist in the engineering, production and commissioning of high-performance, technically advanced machine tools for highly demanding industries, including energy, transportation, aeronautics and aerospace.

The range of Innse-Berardi solutions includes large vertical and horizontal milling and boring machines, multitasking work centres (in either hydrostatic or mechanical configurations) and the production of large specialised machines dedicated to specific applications.

This places the company as an ideal strategic and technological partner, capable of providing customers with a complete turnkey service.


Vertical machines

  • Portal Machining Center with mechanical guideways (Atlas Vision)
  • Portal Machining Center with hydrostatic guideways (Atlas Hydro

Horizontal machines

  • Horizontal Machining Center with mechanical guideways (Aries Vision
  • Horizontal Floor Type Borer with hydrostatic guideways (Aries Hydro)
  • Subtractive Manufacturing Center (PowerMax™

Special Machines

  • Machining Center for generator rotors (FCR
  • Machining Center for turbine rotors (FCT)
  • Horizontal Multi Spindle Drilling Machine (FMM)

Created for Industry 4.0, Innse-Berardi machine tools enable the integration of production supply chains in a fully connected end-to-end management system across the whole plant. Systems such as IBNET and IBRM automate the collection of production data, monitor operating conditions and technological parameters as well as drive predictive maintenance.


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