MasterPrint 5X™

MasterPrint 5X™ is Ingersoll Machine Tools’ 5 axes version of its MasterPrint™ 3D printer

MasterPrint 5X

MasterPrint 5X™ provides your company with the ability to:

  • print at an angle
  • print at a variable angle
  • overprint 

extra-large composite parts in a single piece.

The MasterPrint™ family of products has disrupted and transformed the traditional way to procure and manufacture extra-large tools by: 

  • shortening the lead time from months to weeks
  • reducing manufacturing cost by 90% (no cutting, welding, stress relieving, minimal milling and assembly)
  • fast-prototyping provisional tools for short programs and pre-production runs
  • overprinting, re-milling, improving, re-using existing 3D-printed tools
  • choosing and 3D-printing the polymers most suitable for your application


  • Available as hybrid with multiple modules operated under the same gantry: 3D-printing, milling, fiber placement, tape laying, inspection, trimming
  • Siemens 840D SL CNC
  • Ingersoll proprietary software for programming, simulation, optimization and diagnostic


  • Aerospace
  • Naval