Atlas Hydro

Range of heavy duty medium and large size vertical milling centers with hydrostatic guideways, suitable for machining large components.

Atlas Hydro

Their design ensures maximum machining accuracy and high productivity, with great stability during operations. As all INNSE-BERARDI machines, also the ATLAS HYDRO machines are designed, sized and created using the FEM (Finite Element Method). The flexible, modular design offers three different configurations:

  • P Planomiller type - fixed portal
  • Gantry type - lower rails
  • GU Gantry type - upper rails.

A complete range of advanced milling attachments provides the optimum solution for each user’s application requirements.

Technical data

Distance between columnsmm 3.200 up to 10.000
RAM vertical travel (Z-axis)mm 1.500 up to 4.000
RAM sectionmm 550 x 550 - 630 x 630 - 680 x 680
Spindle powerkW 60 up to 110
TorqueNm up to 9.000
Axis3+2 or 5
W-axisfixed or moving crossrail

Vertical turning tables

Both, Alas Vision as well as Atlas Hydro can be equipped optionally with Turning Tables for Turning, Boring, Milling, Turn-Milling and Grinding. The full range is featuring hydrostatic main bearings.

A complete range of advanced attachments provides the optimum solution for the different application requirements.

The modular design covers a broad range of different sizes:

  • Max. turning diameter mm up to 9.000
  • Turning table diameter mm up to 8.000
  • Turning table load ton up to 4.000
  • Turning table speed rpm up to 200
  • Turning table power kW up to 200